Sacrifice, Giving and Love

Though I bestow all my goods to the poor and have not love, it is nothing

Though I give my body to be burned and have not love, it profits me nothing

Here, we made a foundation on love, that giving and sacrifice should come out of love. We also mentioned that the only [true] love comes from knowing God.

And glory! We know Him. So what next?

We concluded that we should walk in accordance to our nature [of love].
Walking in accordance of our nature is what yields fruit.
Our nature is LOVE, this nature must yield its fruit.
The fruit is not only about giving and sacrifice, even though they are VERY important.

The fruits of love are found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, Galatians 5:22-23. (I'd encourage us to do personal study on these).

I'd love to talk a part of giving out of love, which giving UNCONDITIONALLY.

The world has been wired by "give-to-get" kind of thing. And this has spurred up so many ill feelings.

Ain't saying it's bad to give to get. But it's not the excellent way to give.

We're men and women of excellence because we are of the Father.

The ill feelings stem from the sense of self, because it's about getting yourself something (fame, honour, material things, etc).

We're spirit-beings, should we encourage sense of self?
Rather, love focuses on improving others.
This is void of self or what you'd gain in return.

Like I said, giving to get something in return is good, but something is far better.
...because what if you don't want something in return? Won't you give?
Or what if you don't get something in return? Won't you get angry?
In case you are wondering where I got these from and you want to know the verse, check 1 Corinthians 13:5, " seeketh not her own..."

The way the world give seek something in return for herself.

Love doesn't do that.
Love is far above that.

Let me make the question more personal.
What if you give and the person doesn't give [appreciation, respect, material things etc] in return, what would you do?

Answer the question sincerely in your heart.

N. B.: I'm not in any way advocating for people who don't appreciate giving et al.
I just want our hearts to be cleared out of some things.

If your reaction would be ill, I just want to say that the drive behind giving is not totally about the act of giving, it has an inkling to self.

I hope we understand this.

The act of giving or sacrificing is about the other person's welfare right?
But this type of giving that's expecting something in return has an inkling to self.
We still want to please self after a good act.

Since it has inkling to self, would you love to be ruled by self as the perfect image of God?

I believe you hate that. I beseech you to put that sense of self in subjection so that you won't be a castaway from living out the nature you are. That's the greatest bondage a man can be!

How is it a bondage?

No matter how gifted a man is, if he is in prison, he is limited.
You'd be limited if you are living according to self when you should be living according to the God-nature you are.

Please pray in tongues wherever you are for the next five minutes
When we pray in tongues, we shed sense of self away, and we align ourselves to our nature
We die daily!

Though I bestow all my goods to the poor and have not love, (and still do things conditionally), it's nothing...

Lest I forget, let's apply this to the payment of tithes too. We give tithes because it is our nature and because we're blessed of God!

May God's love dwell richly in our hearts in Jesus' name AMEN!

P. S.: I only mentioned a part of unconditionally, dig more in your personal study



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