Discipline is not a cage or prison; freedom is. You may not believe that, because discipline comes with rules and obligations to do things that are not  convenient, so how then can that be called freedom?

A thing is known by its fruits. (Matthew 7:20) The fruit of true freedom comes with joy, peace and every good thing. This is what discipline gives too. Unlike indiscipline (what seems to be freedom to many), which leads chaos

To illustrate, if a parent fails to discipline a child and makes him to be "free" to do whatever he likes, such child will end up doing something silly which will take true freedom away.

God, our Father, has made everything beautiful by giving us measures. He's not caging us, He's only giving us freedom that is without sorrow.

God does not discipline to subdue, but to condition us for a life of usefulness and blessedness.
- Evangelist Billy Graham

A life of usefulness and blessedness is a life of freedom, and this life comes to play through discipline.

Discipline comes in different ways, which has to do with choices - choosing to do what is needed or not and choosing to do what is wrong. We just have to discipline ourselves to choose what is right and needful.

To anyone having the burden to pray or/and to study God's word, discipline yourself to do so NOW. You could bow down your head to pray. You could use the Bible on your phone if you do not have any hard-copy.
You just have to discipline yourself to do what is needful so that you can live in true freedom.

Giving excuses could mean excusing oneself from a better life.