Loving the Prodigal by Nelson Vincent

In the next few minutes, I trust the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts.

So, I'm led to take the Prodigal son's story in Luke  chapter 15. How that the father loved his son and his son took a separate route entirely. I will advise that we read through this portion of the Bible again.
This will lead me to a few points as regards the incident in Luke 15.
Please while I begin to note this point, be careful to have it minister to your hearts. I declare distractions to be silenced now (Amen).

Firstly, God loves you. This is one FACT that is largely underestimated. Many times we just get to say God loves me because everyone else says it too. This is the wrong life. At that point when we understand and have experienced the true love of God, then, we can confidently say He loves us.

For many, if you ask them how they can confirm that they are loved of God, their only reason will be that God sent His son to die for our sins on the cross of calvary. After this reason, nothing else.

For you at this point, I bring the word of the Lord to you. God loves you.
By this, I pray from this altar that the Lord will cause you to have a tangible encounter of his love in the name of Jesus.

More specifically, three persons here will see signs of this experience from tonight. You will not only see revelations of His love, but tangible manifestations.

The second thing God would have us note tonight,

The Prodigal son did not get into trouble until he left his father's house. So, the farther you move away from God, the more trouble you fall into

From the Prodigal Son's story, the son had left his father's house before he discovered how much harm that could cause him. But well, he had suffered just so much before he returned to his father.

Unfortunately, this is the same thing for many Christians. At the point when we leave God and walk away, little do we know that we would still come back to meet Him. And the best of all things with God is that He is always waiting for your return.

This also is the message for unbelievers. All men fell with the first Adam and this equates that we all were far from God. Coming back to Him is practically the only solution out of everything else that comes our way.

Again, it is my prayer at this point that our love for God be strengthened by the minute, such that if anything comes, willing to take us away from Him, we remain glued at all times. May we always stick to God!


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