The condemnation any man would receive on the last day is UNBELIEF- not believing in Jesus (John 3:18)


I'd love to us to note that sin doesn’t start from the point of falling into temptation. We have always thought that people sin when they fall into temptation or when they make a mistake. That's correct, but sin is thicker than that.

Sin originates from the place of unbelief in the all-sufficient goodness of God. It begins when we don’t agree that God is all we need. This is why people "rise and fall". Why? They keep trying to live by God's standard but not focusing on His strength and what He has done, just the way non-christians want to know God but focus on other ways. You see, you wallow in unbelief when you lose focus on God as regards anything [including that addiction that makes you rise and fall]!

God is good and He will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm. He will give you strength to endure it and provide you with a way out.

VERSES TO PONDER ON; Galatians 3:3, 1 Corinthians 10:13.