February 2021 Bible Reading Guide

Read Psalms 16:11.

Access to the "path of life" is an access to supernatural joy. No one who has gotten access to this path will be denied access to joy irrespective of the happenings around. 
This is because only the life of God gives hope, assurance of eternity and total freedom. 
For one to be enlisted for this joy, the Bible here says there must be a "showing".

"Showing" guarantees "knowing" in the kingdom. 

There was a time John the Baptist wanted to know if Jesus was the one to come, Jesus merely told them to show him what they also have seen (see Matthew 11:1-4).

Abraham got to a certain level that he was tired of God's promises and couldn't believe them anymore. God told him to come out, to look at the sky, to look at the sand of the earth. He was showing him things (Genesis 15:1-6)

Whatever is shown unto you empowers you to believe strongly. In other words, it establishes if one is to be joyful or to be sad.

Real joy is not in what we have or what we are in control of, but, it comes when we have seen wondrous work, the promises and fulfilment of God's divine plan for us.

Like Abraham, the only place God would show us things is through His word.

Jeremiah attested to this. See Jeremiah 15:16.

Take note of the statement, "Thy words were found..." You've got to found the Word.
Not like the Bible is lost though. You might be reading it for years and not find it, and this is the process of showing. Therefore, you need to read it with a desire to see, this is when the Spirit of God will reveal it to you.

Remember, our Bible text says, "thou shew". It is God's doing to show. Until He shows you something in the word, it would still look like a mystery book to you.
Assurance of joy that is beyond what the material wealth and possessions could give is in the word of God. Get it!

Your little assignment this month before reading the Bible is for you to pray with this scripture, Ephesians 1:17-19.

God bless you!

Bible Reading Guide


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