Prayer For Nations: Peace


Peace to the whole world

We must have seen people who have "everything" and yet lack peace.

True peace can only be found in Jesus. When peace is absent in a place, joy would be wanting. Only in God's presence can the fullness of peace that birth joy be found.

Read Psalms 16:11.

Nations or individuals will not cease experience sadness if they refuse to come into the knowledge of the person of God and Jesus. 

Read 2 Peter 1:2.

In the above scripture, Simon Peter by the help of God revealed powerful key to gaining access to manifold peace. It is through the knowledge of God and of Jesus!

God Himself revealed the cost of what lack of knowledge of Him is in Hosea 4:6 (read it please)

Any nation where the knowledge of God and His son is not would be rejected. No nation that reject God will dwell in peace.

Read Psalms 9:17


Having known this, here are the prayer points for the continents this week.

[We'd use Monday as reference]:

  • Thank God for the peace that has been reigning in the nations in [the continent of the day, eg. Africa] despite the disobedience.

  • Pray that the Lord should help [Africa, etc] nations to embrace the knowledge of His son Jesus Christ.  

  • Pray that the Lord should deliver [Africa, etc] nations from every disaster that not knowing Him has caused.

  • Pray that God should make the name of Jesus become the only name that reigns in all [Africa, etc] nations.

Add the prayers you'd want to pray for the nations as led.

Pray in tongues too

For other days, we'd replace "Africa" with the continent we'd be praying for.

Thy Kingdom Come

We'd say the same prayers for the week for the seven continents.

Thank you for praying!

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