Prayer Against Pandemic

Prayer against pandemic

Bible References: Ps. 91:3, Isaiah 33:24, 2 Chr. 7:14, Exo. 15:26, Mal. 4:2, Matt. 4:15-16.

One of the greatest desires of God for humanity ever since He created the universe is for us to live above sicknesses and diseases.

Howbeit, man's inability to totally depend on God (i.e. sin) has brought man to despair, sicknesses and diseases of all kinds (Zephaniah 1:17).

This also can be confirmed in the incident in Egypt. Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go and therefore God allowed the devourer called "plagues" to visit the whole land of Egypt (Exodus 7:14-24).

All kinds of pandemic is traceable to an error in the system of a particular territory, most especially when it's coming from the territory leaders. The world needs more of trusted and faithful leaders.

We just have to stand and pray to God for the safety of people's lives. Our assurance when we call on God is in Christ Jesus.

Read 1 John 5:14.

Remember the word of God in the book of Ezekiel. Read Ezekiel 22:30.

God is looking for a man (you and I) to stand and pray for His will be done on earth. Aren't you happy to be among them that would stand in gap in prayer for the whole earth? Please, yield to this call of God and join us to pray the prayers below.

[We'd use the continent we'd pray for in Monday as reference. Replace "Africa" with the continent of the day]:

  • Thank God for His power that upholds all the nations in [Africa].
  • Appreciate God for His mercies that endures forever over the people. 
  • Pray that God should forgive the nations in [Africa] any sin that might have separated God from His people.
  • Pray that God should rebuke every noisome pestilence in [Africa] nations.
  • Pray that the healing light of Christ should shine on every nation experiencing pandemic right now in [Africa].
  • Pray that God should grant the leaders ability to obey His voice.
  • Pray in the Holy Spirit and war against every spirit of end time causing havoc in the nations of the world.
  • (Add the prayers you'd want to pray as led).
  • Thank God for answering your prayers.

Pray in tongues too


For other days, we'd replace "Africa" with the continent we'd be praying for:

We'd say the same prayers for the week for the seven continents.

Thank you for praying!

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