Bible Reading Guide

Welcome to 2021!

It's our year of Leaning on God's Love

Psalms 119:130, "The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple."

Whatever has the capacity to  deliver a man's obscurity which includes ignorance has always be the target of the devil. 

Devil doesn't disturb people from watching movies, he doesn't fight those partying, nor those that give themselves to riotous living. But anytime he sees you laying hold on the word of God, he gets mad at you. This has been reason some can not read it for just ten minutes. He knows that if you gain entrance into the word, it will immediately guarantee you access to wisdom by which kings reign (Pro. 8:15).

As a believers, we need to feed daily to derive nourishment that would make us stay strong as we see the event of the end time unfolds. Let's eat the Word on a daily basis.

Jesus is that bread that came down from heaven for our feeding pleasure (John 6:31- 

58), and the bread (Jesus) is the Word of God (John 1:1).

Jesus pointed out that they that listen to His word and do them are His mother and brethren (Matthew 12:46-50). This implies that they are the ones that love Him.

One of the proofs of your love for God this year will be revealed in how you have time for Him daily, reading and listening to the Holy Spirit through His word.

His word will change you. He will give you joy in the midst of this troubled generation. He will guide you into all wisdom by which you will walk unharmed in this age. 

Here's another opportunity to stay connected and to behold yourself in that mirror (Word) and see yourself change from glory to glory!

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